Video Insights allows you to process time-lapsed videos (e.g. from Brinno cameras). Please note that this type of footage is not ideal for traffic monitoring since it removes and compresses precious image information and we do not recommend making surveys using these cameras. Before uploading the time-lapse video into Video Insights, be sure you read the Time-lapse Camera Processing Guidelines article.

Uploading your first time-lapse video

As always, before uploading a time-lapse video, it is necessary to upload the time-lapse footage to the Vault of your Project and create an appropriate Data Source for it. Simply go to your Location and create a new Data Source with a Timelapse as a device type:

Then you can start with the video processing. Click on “Process” in the Data Source and choose the time-lapse video from the Vault. In the video processing dialog, make sure to set a correct video end.


The price for this type of video processing is the same as by standard video upload - credits are calculated according to the real footage duration (stretched to original).

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