We have successfully launched the release of the Video Insights platform - version 15.
Learn about the new features and be up-to-date.

1. Desktop application

Desktop application, even if it offers the same traffic analytical experience as the web application. It was designed to securely manage even substantial amounts of video uploads and to prevent user error when closing the browser. It is also a base for awesome features in the future, i.e. live video review.

Desktop application can run on computer startup and therefore it can be part of your routine when starting your work day. Join our early access program to be among the first who can run the Video Insights Platform as the regular desktop application!

Desktop PC requirements are the same as for the Chrome browser

  • Operating system - Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or later

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2. Analyze how vehicle time-gap develops in time 

Time gap is a very precious information to understand traffic flow behavior, discover when the traffic is getting congested and many more. GoodVision reports time-gap information for each individual vehicles and from now on also allows you to analyze how mean time-gap increases/decreases in time on any traffic movement. See the new type of analytical widget - the Time-Gap Diagram.

Newly supported widget for Time-Gap metric

New mean time gap visualization - Bar diagram

3. Analyze how vehicle travel time develops in time

GoodVision now provides precise information on how vehicle travel time increases/decreases in time. Knowing the vehicle travel time is very valuable for exact speed estimation and analysis of the vehicle acceleration development inside the junction. See the new type of analytical widget - the Travel Time Diagram.

New travel time visualization - Bar diagram

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4. User on-boarding product tours

All new users are now welcomed in Video Insights with the on-boarding tour that helps to find a way around in the platform when working with Video Insights for the first time. Product tours are ideal to learn about the main features and overall application flow. Take 4 minutes of your time to go through the tour and learn the basics - it definitely pays off ;).

In addition all users can invoke several themed tours (Cameras page, Describe page, Analyze page) directly by clicking Help on particular app screens. Invoke the tour anytime as it is shown on the picture below.

Product tour guides you through the all key features of the platform:

If you need more detailed information just visit our help-desk articles for help.

5. Faster video processing of unusual video formats

As you know GoodVision processes almost any video format you provide. If your video lacked metadata or wasn't compatible with our rapid parallel processing, you waited up to the duration of the video to get the data. 

From now on, GoodVision processes these videos much FASTER than before and you'll notice that. 

6. GoodVision Partner Program

On the mission to provide an exceptional service for clients worldwide, we are starting a partner program for distribution and support. Our partner program is designed to reward channel partners for distribution and supporting of GoodVision's products and to provide them with training. 

  • GoodVision Distribution Partnership - Partners authorized to promote and re-sell the GoodVision platform
  • GoodVision OEM Partnership - Partners authorized to integrate white-labelled Video Insights platform officially in their portfolio
  • GoodVision Research Partnership - Partners complementing to GoodVision's substantial traffic analytics research 

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