Start your experience with GoodVision Video Insights by credits purchase.
You need 1 credit to extract traffic data from 1 hour of standard camera video.

How to purchase credits

Before buying credits you have to do a few things:

  1. Go to the 'Billing' section.
  2. Fill your 'Billing address' section. At this moment we support only business users, but if you are a physical person with interest in GoodVision, please, contact us via life chat or by email

  3.  Add your payment method/s. 

Video Insights offers two main ways how to get credits - ONE-TIME PURCHASE and MONTHLY PLAN. What is the difference between these two?


If your choice is the one - time purchase you can select one of the credit packages or click 'I WANT MORE' to select the amount you want. The higher is the amount of credits, the lower is the price per credit.
Don't miss our limited 'STARTER PACKAGE' offer to get your first credits with a discount! It will expire 7 days after registration.


If you don't want to care about purchasing your credits regularly, then MONTHLY PLAN is for you! You can select any amount of credits and subscription duration you want.  Another benefit of buying the MONTHLY PLAN is price per credit. The higher is the amount of credits and duration in months, the lower is the price per credit.


You can find the history of credit transactions in the lower part of the 'Billing' section. Here you can download an invoice, which should be also automatically sent to your email after each payment.


Trial credits expire in 90 days after the trial code is entered whereas credits you purchase expire in 1 year since the last purchase. Don't worry, we will notify you via email 30 and 7 days before your credits expire.

How to use your credits

Finally, when you receive your credits, you can easily upload your videos to the appropriate camera. Read more about how to prepare and upload your videos for the processing by clicking the button below.

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