Welcome back to our Cameras board. Each Camera is a folder for Videos from the same source with the same viewpoint.

In GoodVision you always analyze the whole Camera — multiple Videos at once. Imagine your video recordings are split by 1 hour, or you are recording every second week in month, but you want to analyze the traffic for the whole year. With GoodVision it is possible.

Make sure if Videos in your Camera have the same viewpoint!

This is very important and you should keep your eye on it. GoodVision extracts exact vehicle trajectories from the video view displaying a nice traffic flow pattern — see image below.

Imagine what would you see if some of your videos in the same Camera have shifted viewpoints… You are right, your traffic flow patterns will be multiplied and shifted, most probably not matching each other — see image below.

If this happens to you, it is recommended to move this shifted Video to a new Camera. You can move any of your Videos between cameras.

View and edit Video attributes

You can view attributes and basic metadata of each Video in the Camera.

  • Video name (not editable)
  • Date uploaded (not editable)
  • Video start date (editable)
  • Video end date (calculated based on start date and video duration)
  • Archived in (not editable) — date when the video data will be archived
  • Video duration (not editable)
  • Video resolution (not editable)
  • Video FPS (not editable)

Do you want to learn more about how to upload your Videos? 

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