In the 21st century more than 90% of traffic data is still collected by human counters and pressure tubes. Traffic data analytics is a fragmented market, and organizations don’t always know how to get information they need or how to perform various traffic engineering tasks effectively. Traffic data is the fuel of almost every traffic engineering process and these are the top 3 drivers for engineers:

  1. Getting the rich, accurate traffic data reliably under all conditions
  2. Getting the traffic data rapidly without human effort and just in time
  3. Having the platform where to analyze the traffic data

It is a common scenario today that traffic video collection is done in one place, traffic counting is outsourced from the other, and advanced traffic micro-analyses are done ad-hoc manually by traffic modelers themselves.

GoodVision Video Insights is the first-ever solution allowing users to perform all the traffic data analytical tasks in a single platform and focus more on their profession. It combines unrivaled video traffic data collection for traffic counters, advanced set of analytical and reporting features necessary for traffic modelers, and real-time traffic insights crucial for traffic control in the city.

We built GoodVision in a way, that once the traffic data is extracted from your camera, you feel like you are inside of the situation and have the full understanding what was going on there. We have always insisted on providing the interactive visual experience inspiring you to dig deeper into the data.

With other traffic video analytics solutions it has always been a dream to have the traffic data extracted fully automatically with a rapid 1-hour turnaround time GoodVision offers, while keeping the highest precision. They are not autonomous, most of them have to be human-calibrated case by case, or a significant human effort is needed to visually check and improve the results coming from these systems. It was also a dream to have such a rich ecosystem of tools available to all parties involved in the traffic management process, on the single platform.

That is where GoodVision comes in.

You don’t need to look at traffic collection as a custom project anymore. You can get rid of all these negotiations with contractors, calibration of equipment and other time-consuming things. GoodVision Video Insights is a self-serviced platform available globally and ready anytime you want to get job done. For all traffic analysts, Video Insights is the work-space, where you’ll love to spend your time working.

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